Indian Matchmaking’s Aparna on Going Viral, Playing Matchmaker, & Her Current Dating Status | Ep. 39

You know you binge watched INDIAN MATCHMAKING, the show that has become a viral hit and had everyone talking about what finding love, dating, and marriage is like in the South Asian community. Today on my show, I have the woman that has become a breakout star on her own, APARNA SHEWAKRAMANI. Her zesty one liners have become memes and you either REALLY LOVE her and don’t but today on the show you will definitely get to know her better.
Aparna is opening up about what it was really like being part of the show, how her life has completely changed, what her future plans are now, and we talk about…HER LOVE LIFE! Watch the interview to find out what Aparna’s dating status is and why she has her wedding all planned out!

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ZAID ALI Opens Up About His Traumatic Childhood & Struggles | Exclusive Interview

In this clip from my exclusive interview with ZAID ALI, Zaid opens up about his traumatic childhood and struggles that lead him to starting his YouTube channel in the first place. It’s always so interesting to hear what prompts someone to take an action that changes their whole life. Perhaps if Zaid hadn’t gone through what he did, he may never turned to YouTube and wouldn’t be the famous YouTube star and comedian he is today.

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DESI MA Interview | On Desi Music, Female Rappers, Gully Boy, and Girl Power | Amin Dhillon (Episode 35)

Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to DESI MA! She’s on the show sharing her journey as a female rapper and breaking down barriers for women in the desi music scene. We get to know her early days hustling in Winnipeg to landing her major big break with “Goriye” from Gully Boy. Get to know Desi Ma even better today in this episode of “In Conversation”!

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The SUNNY LEONE Interview 🔥| On Fame, Family, Trolls, and The Bollywood Actor Who Changed Her Life!

I hosted this year’s Bollywood Monster Mashup and as part of the show, I interviewed our headliner SUNNY LEONE in a fun LIVE chat with her fans! Yes, fans got to ask Sunny questions and boy did they come up with some great questions! We asked her everything from what her life has been like with her children to how she deals with trolls to her advice for aspiring Bollywood actresses. She even reveals which Bollywood movie and actor changed her life! This is the Sunny Leone interview that you have all been WAITING for!

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Podcast: In Conversation with… PARICHAY! | Exclusive Interview

I’ve known Parichay for YEARS and we often run into each other while working on the show and festival circuits. It’s really interesting to see how our careers have grown and criss-crossed and I just knew I had to get on him the Podcast to share his journey. He talks about how he hustles and creates opportunities for himself. As an industry outsider, he has worked hard to network and learn to become the best.

Parichay is also really into collaborating with different artists and he has been the first Indian singer to collaborate with artists like Sean Kingston and he even got Nargis Fakhri to sing on his music track! Although Parichay has been hustling in the music game for almost 15 years, he has a lot more planned and I can’t wait to see his career continue to grow.

Today get to know his story better and listen to his advice for other aspiring singers especially on how to create opportunities for yourself!

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Podcast: In Conversation with… former WWE Pro Wrestler Tiger Ali Singh! | Exclusive Interview

This week on the Podcast, I’m sitting down with the former WWE wrestler Tiger Ali Singh!

When I asked Tiger Ali Singh to be on my Podcast, I had no idea how much he would open up. Tiger is candid about his story–from how his career in the WWF/WWE actually happened (it’s a CRAZY STORY!!) to how he struggled to fit in with the backstage politics, racism, and discontent towards him.

Tiger was groomed his whole life to follow in his famous father’s footsteps (the legendary Tiger Jeet Singh) and enter the world of wrestling. Imagine working your WHOLE life towards a goal and you finally reach that goal…you get to signed to a MASSIVE contract with the legendary Vince McMahon and the WWF/WWE. This is what all wrestlers dream about! And then within 5 years you suffer a career ending injury and suddenly your whole life changes. You lose your career, you lose your friends, and you spend years trying to recovery physically and mentally.

Tiger not only overcame his setbacks but he found his purpose again and his story is one that needs to be heard. For anyone that has ever suffered a setback or felt like they wanted to give up, please watch this week’s episode. Tiger’s journey wasn’t easy but he is proof you CAN overcome your obstacles and find your purpose again. And it will be even better than you could have ever imagined.

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Podcast: In Conversation with… Rupan Bal! | Exclusive Interview

This week on the Podcast, I’m sitting down with the YouTube sensation, actor, and director RUPAN BAL!

I’ve known Rupan for several years now from being in the same industry and we have even worked together. He is a solid guy, sweet, and very talented. While most people see him as being the funny guy in Jus Reign’s videos, I know Rupan has been working hard behind-the-scenes to create a long lasting career for himself and I wanted to give his fans a deeper look into who Rupan really is. Rupan opens up about his accidental YouTube career, the role Jus Reign has played in his life, getting into acting, and what his big plans are now. Trust me, you really get to know Rupan in this interview.

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Podcast: In Conversation with… Satinder Sartaaj! | Exclusive Interview

This week on the Podcast, I’m sitting down with the legendary poet, singer, and actor SATINDER SARTAAJ!

I got to know Satinder Ji while on his promo tour for The Black Prince. He was so kind and easy to get along with and so FUNNY! I wanted to have him come on the Podcast and share his thoughts on his career, having 9 successful albums, getting into acting, and show his funny side to his fans. This is definitely an interview where you get to know him like never before.

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