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Sushmita Sen Returns To Miss Universe!

By amin | Comments: 0 | January 30, 2017

All eyes were on last night’s Miss Universe winner 24-year-old dental surgery student Iris Mittenaere but last night was also a major night for one of the pageant judges.

The new Miss Universe!

Sushmita Sen was back in Manila, Philippines to be one of the judges of the show but also to relive some major memories. This was the same place where she was crowned 23 years ago when she became the first Indian to win Miss Universe in 1994.

Aww! Such a baby-faced Sushmita!

Here she is on the red carpet wearing a black velvet gown and looking every bit the beauty queen. She is such a classic beauty isn’t she? Sushmita also shared some photos from inside the show having a great time.

Classic beauty!

It must have been such a special experience for her to go back to the stage where she made history at just EIGHTEEN years old! 1994 was a history making year for India as not only did Sushmita win Miss Universe but Aishwarya Rai Bachchan won the Miss World pageant! I know for many Indian girls, seeing these two make history and win these international pageants really inspired them to follow in their footsteps. These pageants opened the door for many young Indian women for their careers and many women who dreamed of working in entertainment were able to because of the platform these pageants provided.

Sushmita and her fellow pageant judges

 Here’s a video Sushmita posted of her reliving her pageant experience by walking on the stage that changed her life forever.

We love you Sushmita!

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