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Sunny Leone Is A Mother! Details On Her Baby

By amin | Comments: 0 | July 24, 2017


Sunny Leone is now a mother. While there were some rumors a little while ago that Sunny was pregnant, those were quickly dismissed by all my media sources. But I soon started hearing rumors that Sunny and husband Daniel Weber were adopting but until there was photo proof I was skeptical. All it takes is ONE person to tweet a rumor and everyone thinks it is real news! 😉

But we now have photo proof! Sunny and Daniel are now the proud parents to a 21 month-old baby girl from Latur, Maharashtra.

The couple with their baby girl!

The couple have named her Nisha Kaur Weber and have been waiting over a year and half to bring her home. They got the news about a month ago that their adoption application had gone through and brought little Nisha home a week ago. Sunny gave an Indian tabloid an interview, telling them “she is so cute. The moment she looks up at you and smiles, it just melts your heart. I look forward to her growing up to become independent and being her own woman.”

Check out this adorable family photo of the Webers! I LOVE that they adopted. There are so many children in the world that have lost their parents and are growing up in terrible circumstances. For Sunny and Daniel to adopt, they are giving this little girl an amazing opportunity to have the love and support of two parents and a chance at a life full of opportunities. Regardless of what you think of Sunny and Daniel’s career choices, the truth is…they didn’t have to adopt. Just look at their social media. The couple live a life full of glitz and glam, jet-setting all over the world, and building their empire. For them to make the decision to take on the responsibility of parenthood, they are making the CHOICE to give a child a home. I don’t think most people would make that decision unless they were truly willing and ready to be a parent. I think it’s pretty awesome that they are willing to juggle their busy lives and careers with parenthood and I have no doubt little Nisha is going to have an incredible life.


Congrats to the Webers! Can’t wait to see more photos of this new adorable family of three 🙂

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