Prince George Meets President Obama After Staying Up Past His Bedtime. See The Adorable Photo!

By amin | Comments: 0 | April 23, 2016

Little Prince George is too adorable. Not only is he such a little cutie but apparently he knows how to entertain guests. The 2 year-old got special permission to stay up past his bedtime in order to meet President Obama and First Lady Michelle when they came over to have dinner with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

Welcome to our home...

Welcome to our home…

Taking a look at these photos, I can see why it must be hard to turn down that cute face!

Hello sir, the name's George...

Hello sir, the name’s George…

President Obama and Michelle have been busy attending high profile meetings and events but their evening dinner date with the British royals was informal and private. Well as private as you’re going to get when you have all these high profile people involved. William and Kate invited the Obamas over for dinner at their private 22-room apartment and that’s where Prince George got to meet America’s First Family. Check out the photo of the prince shaking hands with President Obama while dressed in his pyjamas, robe, and slippers.

George even got to show them the rocking horse that he plays with that the Obamas had previously given him as a gift.

This was the first time the young royals have entertained a head of state privately but this wasn’t the first time they were meeting the Obamas. Mrs. Obama has previously worked with Kate on a mental health project and has helped Harry with the Invictus Games. William had met President Obama during his previous official visit to the U.S. When President Obama was asking about the meeting, he described George as “adorable”.





As for Princess Charlotte? The little princess was asleep and missed out on all fun. Oh wells! I’m sure she’ll get another opportunity when she is a little bit older. 😉

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