How To Win A Beauty Pageant Episode 2: Choosing the Right Pageant & Avoiding Scams

By amin | Comments: 0 | June 7, 2016

Here is everything you have ever wanted to know about beauty pageants!

In this mini series, I go through each stage of the pageant world and help answer the most common questions I get asked. In case you didn’t know, I’m a former Miss India Worldwide Canada and I placed Top 10 in the international Miss India Worldwide pageant. I started off with no pageant experience and learned a lot from the mistakes I made in my first pageant. So I’m here to help you avoid some of the common mistakes that I have come across.

In Episode 2, I give you tips on how to choose the best pageant for you (there are literally THOUSANDS of pageants) and how to tell if a pageant is legit or a scam. Watch the video below!

If you missed Episode 1, click here. For Episode 3, click here.

Have an additional question about pageants that I missed? Post it in the comment section below and I’ll do my best to answer!

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