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Spotted: Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh in Toronto!

By amin | Comments: 0 | February 15, 2016



Deepika Padukone is making her HOLLYWOOD debut and she is shooting right now in Toronto with Vin Diesel for the newest xXx movie. Unfortunately her shooting schedule meant she would have to be in Toronto over Valentine’s Day weekend so boyfriend Ranveer Singh decided to jump on a flight from Mumbai and came to Toronto to spend Valentine’s Day with his superstar sweetheart! How sweet!!!

Seriously, this is what every girl wishes for V-Day. A guy who would fly across the world to make sure they spend the most romantic day of the year together. Swooooooning!

But before we award Ranveer as THE BOYFRIEND OF THE YEAR…I soon realized Ranveer may just be THE role model for all men for another reason. No, not because he flew out to be with Deepika. But because he not only scored MAJOR POINTS with his girlfriend BUTTTT he also got to take in the NBA ALLSTARS action. AND THAT TOO COURTSIDE!!!

Yup, Ranveer posted these photos on his Instagram where he clearly enjoyed watching the ALLSTAR game in dream seats with his new celebrity friends. What a smart guy! A little bit of romance and a little bit of basketball…WIN/WIN for ANY guy!

I applaud you Ranveer Singh. Well done! Now fellas, the next time you want to get your sports fix while making sure your girlfriend is happy…just think what would Ranveer Singh do 😉


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