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First Look: Ranveer Singh’s Befikre Trailer

By amin | Comments: 0 | October 12, 2016

Ranveer Singh is back with a new film but you probably won’t be able to watch it with your parents.


The trailer for his latest film Befikre was released and already has over 10 MILLION views in just 24 hours. I have a feeling many of Ranveer’s fans couldn’t resist but watch that trailer over and over and over again. Find out the reason why for yourself—here’s the trailer:

I sure hope Ranveer warned girlfriend Deepika Padukone before showing her the trailer! As you can see, the film stars Ranveer along with Vaani Kapoor as a carefree couple living their life to the fullest. The film’s tag line is “Dare to Love” and is described as a romantic drama set in Paris.


From what I can get from the trailer, there will be A LOT of kissing and A LOT of sexual tension. Ranveer and Vaani are featured rolling their eyes at the concept of love and being ALL about just having fun. So from daring each other to do stunts like slapping a police officer to breaking into places, this film seems to be taking a more “modern and liberal” attitude towards dating in today’s time. Oh did I mention there is tons of making out in this film?


Considering this film is being produced by Yash Raj Films and was directed by Aditya Chopra., I miss the old style of films they used to make. You know, the SRK-Kajol love stories. Even Jab Tak Hai Jaan was a good film. This film seems like it’s trying desperately to be a ‘liberated’ Bollywood flick focused more on the MTV culture than the traditional Indian culture. I didn’t mind it in Love Aaj Kal but so far this trailer seems to focused on the extreme version of two sexually liberated characters who may or may not believe in love. Because after all, this new generation doesn’t believe in those sappy love stories right?


Wrong! Am I the only one who still loves watching the old Yash Chopra films like DDLJ, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, etc?

Anyways, while I may be one of the few people who loves themselves a classic love story, I have a feeling this film will feature a deeper side into why the main characters are so resistant to the idea of love. Come on, there HAS to be some tragic story line right? Maybe one of them was previously in love and maybe even got married but that person died? Cheated on them? Abused them? SOMETHING that made the main character turn away from the notion of love! The romantic in me hopes this film will show at the end how these two characters fall in love and live happily ever after. Because that’s what Indian love stories are ALL about!

Aside from the story line, the music seems pretty catchy so I’m looking forward to the official music release. As for the actual film, it will be out by December 9th.

Any thoughts on the trailer?


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