Mili Soch on Gully Boy, Desi Hip Hop, and Overcoming His Demons | 2020 Interview | Ep. 26

Mili Soch is back on the show to reveal his brand new music! We are chatting about how much he has grown since last year’s interview and the personal journey he has been on to confront and overcome his personal demons. Mili is also chatting about the state of Desi hip hop and how Gully Boy has opened the door for hip hop artists to break out. Check it out now!

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Sunny Brown on What Happened to Culture Shock, Lomaticc, Sickick, & the Future of Desi Music | Interview (Ep. 24)

In this episode of the Podcast (at home edition), I’m chatting with singer songwriter and producer Sunny Brown. For 7 years Sunny Brown toured the world and released numerous hits with Culture Shock before heading to India to produce hit singles for stars like Jasmine Sandlas, Mika Singh, Mickey Singh, more. I caught up with him at his home to find out what REALLY happened to Culture Shock and Lomaticc, why the desi music industry has so many leaked songs, and the future of desi music and culture shock.

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Mili Soch Plays The Rapid Fire Round! | Exclusive Interview

After each episode of “In Conversation with Amin Dhillon”, I love playing a little game with the guest called RAPID FIRE. How it works is I ask the guest random fun questions and they have to answer with whatever pops in their mind. It’s such a blast to play and you always get to find out something really random about them!

This time, MILI SOCH is playing THE RAPID FIRE ROUND. Watch the video below to find out what he is revealing!

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Podcast: In Conversation with…MILI SOCH! | Exclusive Interview

This week on the Podcast, I’m sitting down with Desi Hip Hop artist MILI SOCH!

I met Mili a couple of summers ago when he started playing the local festival circuit here while I was there covering. He’s such a nice guy and I was really intrigued with his style of music. While Bollywood and Indian music is such a big hit here, Mili is one of the few artists that are finding a blend between Desi music and hip hop. It’s very urban, very different, and I was curious to hear his story. 

On the Podcast, Mili gets CANDID. He shares his journey into the music business and gets very honest about some of the biggest mistakes he has made, including one that almost made him quit the industry. This interview is eye-opening into what it’s REALLY like trying to work in the music business and for anyone who is thinking of making music, watch the interview to hear his lessons and warnings. 

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