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Priyanka Chopra Makes Time Magazine’s Most Influential People List

By amin | Comments: 0 | April 21, 2016

Way to go Priyanka!

There is no stopping Priyanka Chopra on her mission for global domination. After already achieving a ton of milestones and successes this year, the actress is now featured on the cover of Time Magazine for their 100 most influential people issue.


In the issue, Priyanka speaks out on breaking out of Bollywood stereotypes. With over 50 films done, a hit TV series, and her upcoming Hollywood film debut in Baywatch, Priyanka is an inspiration to women around the world to never give up on their dreams.


“I think that the movies that I do, I’m irreplaceable and the boys are replaceable,” Priyanka says in the magazine. She recalls when she was younger and starting out her movie career, how she was often replaced by another young female actress if her shooting dates didn’t work out. “The producer said, ‘well, she can’t work it out, it’s fine, we’ll just cast someone else…I’ll launch a new girl because girls are replaceable.’ I didn’t understand it then. But I think subconsciously it really worked on my mind, and I started picking up parts which were strong, which were not just the damsel in distress waiting for someone to rescue me.”


The annual list by Time magazine picks people who have “lessons to teach…they have the power to make us think and they are using it.” Based on that, Priyanka is a logical choice. It’s because of her that I think a lot of South Asian women feel like they have a strong role model to look up to, someone who shows them that you don’t have to limit your goals and aspirations. Always keep dreaming and even when you do achieve a goal, enjoy it but then set a new one. She’s also a great example of someone who has earned her success through her own determination and hard work. Remember, Priyanka didn’t come from background of connections. She was a regular girl who set out to create her own opportunities and look how far she’s made it. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her. Congratulations Priyanka!


The special issue, which features six different covers, is on sale now.

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