Reporting For Duty! Prince George Makes 1st Official Engagement in UK and Checks Out The Action at Air Show.

By amin | Comments: 0 | July 8, 2016

This kid is so freaking cute!

Today little Prince George joined his parents for the first time at one of their official engagements: taking in an air show.


Prince William and Kate showed up at the Royal International Air Tattoo at the Royal Air Force (RAF) Fairford (in England) and delighted visitors by bringing the little prince. This marked his first ever official royal engagement in the U.K.

The event seemed perfect for him as George seems to be fond of airplanes. As you may recall, during last month’s royal family appearance on the balcony for the Queen, George pointed at the jets and seemed to be fascinated. At today’s event, he did the same thing—pointing to planes in the sky and listening closely to his parents (especially William who used to be a pilot with the air force). At least that’s what was originally sent out to media.  My news feed was flooded with photos of the cute little 2 year old but what you may not have seen is his melt down.


Poor guy!



It’s easy to think that as a royal, he would be well behaved, charming, and elegant as his royal parents. But even though he is royal, sometimes he is just SOOOOO over it, you know?


Here are the photos of him getting upset. It’s kind of funny because pretty much as soon as he arrives on site he looks surprised and then has his melt down—kind of like his parents promised him a fun trip out and he went along with it only to discover he was tricked and he’s at something else.

When I was a kid, the only way my mom could get me to go to certain places was by bribing me and usually that meant McDonalds.  I pretty much had a melt down like George if she didn’t follow through because hey, a deal is a deal right?


According to the media reports, after their appearance the royal family went for a “private” lunch. Yeah by private lunch they mean they went to McDonalds. You all know George wasn’t going to let his parents get away with tricking him!



Okay, does anyone else now really want to go get McDonalds? George take us with you!


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