Ivanka Trump Will Be Celebrating Diwali at Temple: Details!

By amin | Comments: 0 | October 23, 2016

Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, will be celebrating Diwali at a Hindu temple with Virginia’s Indian-American community.


She will be visiting Rajdhani Temple at Chantilly this Wednesday October 26 and this visit marks the first time a family member of either candidate has visited a Hindu temple. Ivanka will also be meeting with 50 Indian entrepreneurs in Washington.

Trump at last week's Indian-American event

Trump at last week’s Indian-American event

Last week, Donald attended a charity event organized by the Republican Hindu Council to raise funds for the Kashmiri Pandits and Hindu victims of terrorism in Bangladesh. The event was attended by 5000 people.


It’s no coincidence that the Trump family is targeting the Indian community in the states. Right now they are trying to win Virginia and the state has experienced the fastest growth of Indian-Americans in the past decade, estimated to be currently at 30,000 strong. It’s a big potential voter base for the Trumps if they can gather their support but it won’t be easy. Indian-Americans have traditionally been Democrats and according to people that attended the charity event with Trump last week, he didn’t exactly win over voters. During his speech to the Indian community, he said things like how he “was a big fan of Hindu” and how India and the United States would be “best friends” if he won. To many in the audience, his eagerness to welcome a relationship with India contradicted his well-established hostility to immigrants and minorities.


I did some digging around and found a recent survey that indicated more than 67% of Indian Americans supported Hillary Clinton with only 7% saying they voted for Trump in the primaries. The poll also revealed 79% of those surveyed had an unfavorable view of Trump.

What do you think of Trump’s attempt to reach the ethnic community?

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