Amaal Mallik Interview | On Armaan Malik, Tu Mera Nahi, and The Day He Almost Quit Bollywood Ep. 40

Look who is on episode 40 of the Podcast…I’ve got an exclusive with composer, lyricist, and singer AMAAL MALLIK!

Amaal is dishing it out on his brand new single “Tu Mera Nahi” which marks his debut single. You may know him as part of the talented Malik family–dad is Daboo Malik, mom is Jyothi Malik and of course his younger brother is Armaan Malik. He is also the grandson of Sardar Malik and his uncle is music composer and singer Anu Malik. So yes, he comes from a very talented family but Amaal opens up about his struggles trying to find his place in the Indian music industry. Despite coming from a connected family and making his composer debut in Salman Khan’s film ‘Jai Ho,’ Amaal opens up about his days struggling, being called the most untalented Malik, and how he almost quit the industry and was prepared to leave India to start afresh. Watch the episode now to get to know Amaal’s story better. Enjoy!

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What Happened to the Cast of Indian Matchmaking, Who Found Love, & Who Will Appear on Season 2!

It’s been several months since the hit Netflix India show INDIAN MATCHMAKING hit your TV screens. You have binge watched it. You have discussed the show and the cast with your friends and family. Now…what happened to the cast of Indian Matchmaking? Did they find love? Are they friends in real life? Are some dating…EACH OTHER????

In this clip from my exclusive interview with Aparna Shewakramani from Indian Matchmaking, she dishes it all out and gives us an update on the cast.

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How Indian Matchmaking Started a Debate on Dating and Marriage Issues in the South Asian Community

In this clip from my exclusive interview with Aparna Shewakramani from Indian Matchmaking, we discuss how the show has created an open discussion on what it’s REALLY like dating and marrying in the South Asian community. From double standards to unrealistic expectations, hear what Aparna has to say on the debate.

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Aparna on Playing Matchmaker for the Indian Matchmaking Guys | The Cast Reunites!

In this clip from my exclusive interview with Aparna Shewakramani from Indian Matchmaking discusses what life is like after the show. Find out which guys she still is close to and why she is more than happy to play matchmaker for them. She also talks about why the show’s matchmaker Sima Taparia (Sima Aunty) failed in successfully matchmaking the cast and the double standard that exists on the show! I also ask her if she would consider using a matchmaker again!

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Indian Matchmaking’s Aparna on Going Viral, Playing Matchmaker, & Her Current Dating Status | Ep. 39

You know you binge watched INDIAN MATCHMAKING, the show that has become a viral hit and had everyone talking about what finding love, dating, and marriage is like in the South Asian community. Today on my show, I have the woman that has become a breakout star on her own, APARNA SHEWAKRAMANI. Her zesty one liners have become memes and you either REALLY LOVE her and don’t but today on the show you will definitely get to know her better.
Aparna is opening up about what it was really like being part of the show, how her life has completely changed, what her future plans are now, and we talk about…HER LOVE LIFE! Watch the interview to find out what Aparna’s dating status is and why she has her wedding all planned out!

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ZAID ALI Opens Up About His Traumatic Childhood & Struggles | Exclusive Interview

In this clip from my exclusive interview with ZAID ALI, Zaid opens up about his traumatic childhood and struggles that lead him to starting his YouTube channel in the first place. It’s always so interesting to hear what prompts someone to take an action that changes their whole life. Perhaps if Zaid hadn’t gone through what he did, he may never turned to YouTube and wouldn’t be the famous YouTube star and comedian he is today.

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