Deepika Padukone Interview: Ready to Conquer America!

In January 2017, we all get to see Deepika Padukone make her Hollywood debut xXx with Vin Diesel and to make sure you all go see her film, she’s starting her publicity tour!


Go see my movie guys!
Go see my movie guys!

Here’s a look at her latest photo shoot. She’s on the cover of the American publication ‘Paper Magazine’ and looks stunning as usual but it’s the publication that is worthy of noting. Paper Magazine is the SAME magazine that had Kim Kardashian nude on the cover. Yup that infamous booty shoot with the champagne glass that broke the internet. The magazine tends to feature celebs in some sort of risqué photo shoot so it’s interesting they have chosen to feature Deepika for this latest issue and they even describe her as ‘the Bollywood mega-star about to conquer America’.


In the magazine, Deepika reveals she was “very, very nervous about working in a new environment with a new setup and new people,” when she left India to head to Toronto to start filming on xXx. But within a couple of days she felt comfortable and gives credit to the people she worked with but also thinks it’s a reflection of how similar Hollywood and Bollywood industries are to each other.

On how important it is for her to have success outside of India:

“I think as an actor and as an artist, you want to keep exploring. You want to keep challenging yourself, and if work outside of India gives me those opportunities, I think that’s what I’m looking forward to the most.”

Always stunning!
Always stunning!

Her dream co-star:

“Bradley Cooper or Ryan Gosling”

For the full interview, check out the latest issue of Paper Magazine.

BTW, in case you missed it, Deepika is officially the highest paid Bollywood actress, beating out even Priyanka Chopra. With back-to-back hits, well she can certainly justify it. What’s her current film fee? 15 crores. How does she compare to other Bollywood actresses? Kangana Ranaut makes 11 crores per film, Kareena Kapoor commands 9 crores, Katrina and Vidya both charge 7 crores, Anushka and Sonakshi charge 6 crores, and as for Miss Chopra? Priyanka commands 9 crores a film.

Anyone else reconsidering their careers? 😉

BTW, if you missed my coverage of Deepika while filming in Toronto, click here.


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