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Exclusive Interview with Sima Aunty: Secrets of Indian Matchmaking Revealed! | Sima Taparia LIVE

By amin | Comments: 0 | October 10, 2023

Special LIVE edition of “In Conversation with Amin Dhillon”. Interviewing Sima Taparia from Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking and getting to know the REAL Sima Aunty.

How My Arranged Marriage Turned Into a Nightmare | Samra Zafar Interview

By amin | Comments: 0 | October 24, 2021

In this clip from my indepth interview with SAMRA ZAFAR, she talks about when her marriage broke down and why she had a hard time leaving her nightmare situation. Watch Samra’s FULL inspirational interview of overcoming being a forced child bride and living her life now on her own terms.

HOW TO BE HAPPY With Your LIFE, CAREER, & RELATIONSHIPS | Advice from a Life Coach

By amin | Comments: 0 | October 24, 2021

In this clip from my interview with life coach, motivational speaker, and author RITU BHASIN, she explains why people aren’t happy with their lives and her strategy on how to achieve real authentic happiness in all aspects of your life, career, and relationships.


The EXCLUSIVE Mallika Sherawat Interview | on Movies, RK/RKAY, Bollywood, and Politics! | Ep. 46

By amin | Comments: 0 | October 14, 2021

Welcome to episode 46 of my podcast “In Conversation”. This time I’m chatting with actress Mallika Sherawat.

This is actually my first time EVER interviewing the starlet so it’s great to finally meet her and find out more about her life and career. Mallika is super excited to be back with a new film, this time she is playing GULABO in RK/RKAY. This is her dream role and she opens up about her movies. We chat about how she matches to her own drum and keeps challenging herself as an actress, including moving to Los Angeles to try her hand in Hollywood. Mallika even talks about politics and how she predicted Kamala Harris would be Vice President one day. It’s a great chat so watch the interview now and enjoy!


Pallavi Sharda Interview | On Making It in Bollywood, Besharam, and Her Big Hollywood Plans Ep. 44

By amin | Comments: 0 | April 26, 2021

In episode 44 of “In Conversation”, I’m catching up with PALLAVI SHARDA!

I’ve known Pallavi from our pageant days a decade ago. At that time Pallavi and I were just starting off our careers and spent only a couple days together but I’ve been following her career since then. It’s always been really great for me to see girls I’ve met along my journey go on to do some really incredible things and Pallavi is definitely someone who has created a fantastic career for herself. In this episode, you get to hear us catch up (we literally haven’t had the opportunity to since the pageant!) and Pallavi opens up about the highs and lows of her career. From how she made it in Bollywood to her plans on dominating worldwide cinema. Also get to hear her get candid about some of the hardest moments in her career and how her big Bollywood moment with Besharam wasn’t all that it appeared to be. She’s an incredible woman with such an interesting story. Watch the interview now and get to know Pallavi even better!


Arjun Artist Interview | on Mere Naal Nachna, New Album, and Overcoming Tragedy (Ep. 43)

By amin | Comments: 1 | January 15, 2021

Arjun is back on my show! You all loved his last interview with me and since it’s been over a year since I last caught up with him, Arjun came back to give me another exclusive interview. We chatted about how the pandemic and covid 19 has affected him, how he has been making new music on his own at his London home, and how he has been doing since the passing of his late wife. Arjun also opens up about how he plans to use his fame and platform to give back to important causes in his life and why his fans support has meant everything during his darkest times.


SAT THE PRODUCER Interview | From Living in His Car to Award Winning Music Producer | Ep. 42

By amin | Comments: 0 | January 8, 2021

In this episode of “In Conversation”, I’m chatting with SAT THE PRODUCER aka Satien Mehta. Satien shares his journey in making it as a sought after music producer, working with the biggest artists like Fall Out Boy, Pitbull, Far East Movement, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and so many more! From his early days struggling to make money in the business (and even sleeping in his car) to the present where he runs his own company producing award winning work (including TWO MTV VMAs!), get to know Satien’s story today on the podcast.


The EXCLUSIVE Zaid Ali Interview | on Marriage, Children, & His Acting Debut | Amin Dhillon (Ep. 36)

By amin | Comments: 0 | November 6, 2020

Welcome to Episode 36 of “In Conversation”. This time I’m chatting with ZAID ALI aka ZaidAliT! Zaid has been making YouTube videos for 10 years and has created a digital empire for himself. He opens up about how bullying and feeling as an outcast lead him to start his YouTube channel and how he managed to turn YouTube into a full time career. He also opens up about his wife Yumnah, their marriage, and when he plans to become a Dad! After so much success on YouTube, Zaid also reveals what his future goals are and what his acting debut will look like! Get to know Zaid even better today in this episode.


Nikhita Gandhi Interview | From Dentist to Bollywood Singer, AR Rahman, & New Music (Ep 38)

By amin | Comments: 0 | October 30, 2020

In this episode of my podcast series “In Conversation”, I’m chatting with singer songwriter NIKHITA GANDHI! She’s sharing her journey from dentist to breakout Bollywood star, with tons of hits that all started with RAABTA. She shares the REAL story on how AR RAHMAN discovered her, how she landed RAABTA, her Canadian favorites (including JUS REIGN!), and what the future looks like for her. Get to know the sweet and talented Nikhita Gandhi today on the show!


BAMBI BAINS on PBN, Punjabi Music, Oh Na Na, and Her Love Life! | Exclusive Interview | Ep. 31

By amin | Comments: 0 | July 23, 2020

This week I’m chatting with BAMBI BAINS!

I’ve been following Bambi’s career ever since she first got launched by PBN. Bambi (yes that’s her REAL name) opens up about her early beginnings and getting discovered by PBN. For a few years Bambi performed alongside PBN in the Punjabi music industry but decided to take a leap and strike out on her own. After trying to make it as part of a UK girl band Mis Treats, Bambi is now fully a solo artist and talks about what she’s learned about the music business after so many years. Bambi also opens up about her future plans and her love life, fiance, and even shares the story on how they met. Get to know Bambi even better in today’s interview!

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