Podcast: In Conversation with… NEETI MOHAN! | Exclusive Interview

In this week’s Podcast episode, I’m sitting down for an EXCLUSIVE chat with Bollywood singing sensation Neeti Mohan! Here’s the story on me and Neeti. I first met her several years ago when she came to Toronto to perform with Vishal Shekhar. I remember meeting her before the show and we instantly hit it off. She’s such a sweetie! So it was great to reunite with her and get her to open up about her journey. Neeti and her sisters Shakti and Mukti have all benefited from appearing on reality shows. It’s literally changed their lives and fortune and I think it’s so interesting that taking that ONE decision changed their lives. Neeti opens up about those early reality TV days, her experiences moving to Mumbai to pursue music, and how she manifested working with AR Rahman. For all you Neeti Mohan fans, this interview is going to be a real treat for you and give you the chance to get to know her up-close and personal!

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