Tiger Ali Singh on Jinder Mahal, The Singh Brothers, WWE in India, & the Next Generation of Indian WWE Wrestlers

In this never before seen clip from my exclusive interview with the legendary WWE wrestler TIGER ALI SINGH, I asked him what his thoughts were on the new generation of Indian wrestlers. Is it a better time to be an Indian pro wrestler? What does he think of Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers? What’s his advice for the next generation of Indian wrestlers hoping to make it in the WWE? Tiger answers and gets candid!

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Podcast: In Conversation with… former WWE Pro Wrestler Tiger Ali Singh! | Exclusive Interview

This week on the Podcast, I’m sitting down with the former WWE wrestler Tiger Ali Singh!

When I asked Tiger Ali Singh to be on my Podcast, I had no idea how much he would open up. Tiger is candid about his story–from how his career in the WWF/WWE actually happened (it’s a CRAZY STORY!!) to how he struggled to fit in with the backstage politics, racism, and discontent towards him.

Tiger was groomed his whole life to follow in his famous father’s footsteps (the legendary Tiger Jeet Singh) and enter the world of wrestling. Imagine working your WHOLE life towards a goal and you finally reach that goal…you get to signed to a MASSIVE contract with the legendary Vince McMahon and the WWF/WWE. This is what all wrestlers dream about! And then within 5 years you suffer a career ending injury and suddenly your whole life changes. You lose your career, you lose your friends, and you spend years trying to recovery physically and mentally.

Tiger not only overcame his setbacks but he found his purpose again and his story is one that needs to be heard. For anyone that has ever suffered a setback or felt like they wanted to give up, please watch this week’s episode. Tiger’s journey wasn’t easy but he is proof you CAN overcome your obstacles and find your purpose again. And it will be even better than you could have ever imagined.

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