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Recap: Hosting The Shining Star Pageant Awards! (Photos)

By amin | Comments: 0 | July 25, 2016

Hello my lovelies!

Recently I got the opportunity to host the inaugural Shining Star Pageant Awards in Winnipeg. If you have been following this blog, you know I love hosting events and especially when it comes down to anything related to fashion and beauty. This event was in particular special to me because it was in my hometown!



This pageant isn’t your typical beauty pageant. In this pageant, we crowned three winners: Miss Asia Global Manitoba, Mr. Asia Global Manitoba, and Mrs. Asia Global Manitoba. It was interesting to have the guys and girls compete…I’ve never been to a men’s pageant before so I was really excited to see what it would be like and how they would compare to the ladies 😉



I have to say it, I was really impressed with the CONFIDENCE these women and men had!! I really wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m so proud of each contestant. The judges really had a hard time picking the top winners and I so wish everyone could have been crowned. But it’s only the beginning and I’m really hoping I will see some of these contestants come back and compete again.

Now let’s talk about the guests! The organizers wanted to bring in guests from all over to experience Winnipeg and some of their special guests included actress Isha Rikhi (What the Jatt, Happy Go Lucky) and model Kajal Jain from Mumbai. This was the first time these ladies had ever visited Winnipeg!

Isha and Kajol

Isha and Kajol

Rupan Bal, my co-host, was also in Winnipeg for the very first time and happy to be able to finally check out my city!

Ready to host! Don't we clean up quite nicely? ;)

Ready to host! Don’t we clean up quite nicely? 😉

I talk more about the pageant experience in my latest chit-chat video which you can watch here:

Congratulations to the organizers for putting on a great event and congratulations to all the contestants. You all did a wonderful job in the pageant! If you missed this year’s pageant, hopefully you can check out next year’s show or even participate in the next one. In the meanwhile, here are some photos from the show and of course some behind-the-scenes coverage! Enjoy xo






Photo credit: Shining Star Pageant, Mark Godilano


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