Podcast: In Conversation with Samra Zafar | From Child Bride to Best Selling Author

In this episode of the Podcast, I’m sitting down with Samra Zafar. Samra was 16 years old when she was forced to marry a stranger. She was forced to move from United Arab Emirates to Canada and for YEARS she was isolated, humiliated, and assaulted. But the whole time…she was planning her escape. After years of abuse while living with her husband and in-laws, she managed to complete high school and save money from a child care business to attend University. She graduated at the TOP of her class and left her abusive husband. In 2019, she released her best-selling memoir “A Good Wife”. Samra is sharing her story on how she went from child bride to businesswoman and human rights activist. She is proof that no matter how difficult the circumstances, you can overcome them and create the life you always dreamed about.

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Podcast: In Conversation with… Art Entrepreneur JASMIN PANNU | Exclusive Interview

In this week’s Podcast episode, I’m sitting down with Art Entrepreneur Jasmin Pannu. You may have seen some of Jasmin’s commissioned murals at Toronto’s Happy Place, her exhibits at Royal Ontario Museum, or at Desifest. Jasmin actually used to work in corporate marketing working her 9-5 while side hustling her art business. On the Podcast, Jasmin shares her journey in quitting her corporate 9-5 and how she has successfully become an entrepreneur. Watch the interview to find out her advice on how to turn your passion into a full time career!

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Podcast: In Conversation with… ROXY EARLE | REAL HOUSEWIVES | Exclusive Interview

In this episode of the Podcast, I’m sitting down with Roxy Earle! You know her as a former cast member of The Real Housewives of Toronto where she became the breakout star. Roxy took her new Reality TV star platform to launch a body positive movement called #MySizeRox where she encourages women to love and celebrate their bodies. That movement has brought awareness of the difficulties curvy women like Roxy have when it comes to fashion and inclusion. Many retailers do not carry larger sizes, leaving out women from enjoying fashion and being able to dress however they want. In this chat, Roxy opens up about her experience being on reality TV, how she is using her platform to design her own clothing collection and to partner up with huge brands, her future goals, and she even reveals her South Asian connection!

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Podcast: In Conversation with… Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown | Exclusive Interview

In this week’s episode, I’m sitting down with former Leader of the Conservative Party and current Brampton Mayor, Patrick Brown. Patrick has been in politics since he was 22 years old and has held a political seat at every level of Canadian government. As Leader of Ontario’s PC Party. Patrick seemed to be all set to become Ontario’s next Premier. But after accusations of sexual misconduct surfaced, Patrick was forced to step down. In my interview with Patrick, we talk about his political career, the day his life was turned upside down, and how he has fought to get his life back together with a new political post, finding love, and new outlook on life.

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Podcast: In Conversation with… NEETI MOHAN! | Exclusive Interview

In this week’s Podcast episode, I’m sitting down for an EXCLUSIVE chat with Bollywood singing sensation Neeti Mohan! Here’s the story on me and Neeti. I first met her several years ago when she came to Toronto to perform with Vishal Shekhar. I remember meeting her before the show and we instantly hit it off. She’s such a sweetie! So it was great to reunite with her and get her to open up about her journey. Neeti and her sisters Shakti and Mukti have all benefited from appearing on reality shows. It’s literally changed their lives and fortune and I think it’s so interesting that taking that ONE decision changed their lives. Neeti opens up about those early reality TV days, her experiences moving to Mumbai to pursue music, and how she manifested working with AR Rahman. For all you Neeti Mohan fans, this interview is going to be a real treat for you and give you the chance to get to know her up-close and personal!

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Podcast: In Conversation with… RUP MAGON! | Exclusive Interview

In today’s Podcast episode, I’m chatting with Rup Magon!

An actor, producer, singer, and composer. Rup first found fame as one half of desi band Josh who have won over 25 awards with 5 albums. They have toured the world and collaborated with artists like Priyanka Chopra, Nelly Furtado, and Apache Indian. Rup has branched out into the world of acting, first in Speedy Singhs aka Breakaway and later staring alongside Satinder Sartaaj and Shabana Azmi in The Black Prince. Rup is coming on to chat about his journey in breaking down barriers, chasing your dreams, and how he creates opportunities for himself (like travelling to another country to audition on his own!). Watch the interview and let me know what you think below!

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Parichay Plays The Rapid Fire Round! | Exclusive Interview

After each episode of “In Conversation with Amin Dhillon”, I love playing a little game with the guest called RAPID FIRE. How it works is I ask the guest random fun questions and they have to answer with whatever pops in their mind. It’s such a blast to play and you always get to find out something really random about them!

This time, PARICHAY is playing THE RAPID FIRE ROUND. Watch the video to find out what he is revealing!

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Podcast: In Conversation with… PARICHAY! | Exclusive Interview

I’ve known Parichay for YEARS and we often run into each other while working on the show and festival circuits. It’s really interesting to see how our careers have grown and criss-crossed and I just knew I had to get on him the Podcast to share his journey. He talks about how he hustles and creates opportunities for himself. As an industry outsider, he has worked hard to network and learn to become the best.

Parichay is also really into collaborating with different artists and he has been the first Indian singer to collaborate with artists like Sean Kingston and he even got Nargis Fakhri to sing on his music track! Although Parichay has been hustling in the music game for almost 15 years, he has a lot more planned and I can’t wait to see his career continue to grow.

Today get to know his story better and listen to his advice for other aspiring singers especially on how to create opportunities for yourself!

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Podcast: In Conversation with… former WWE Pro Wrestler Tiger Ali Singh! | Exclusive Interview

This week on the Podcast, I’m sitting down with the former WWE wrestler Tiger Ali Singh!

When I asked Tiger Ali Singh to be on my Podcast, I had no idea how much he would open up. Tiger is candid about his story–from how his career in the WWF/WWE actually happened (it’s a CRAZY STORY!!) to how he struggled to fit in with the backstage politics, racism, and discontent towards him.

Tiger was groomed his whole life to follow in his famous father’s footsteps (the legendary Tiger Jeet Singh) and enter the world of wrestling. Imagine working your WHOLE life towards a goal and you finally reach that goal…you get to signed to a MASSIVE contract with the legendary Vince McMahon and the WWF/WWE. This is what all wrestlers dream about! And then within 5 years you suffer a career ending injury and suddenly your whole life changes. You lose your career, you lose your friends, and you spend years trying to recovery physically and mentally.

Tiger not only overcame his setbacks but he found his purpose again and his story is one that needs to be heard. For anyone that has ever suffered a setback or felt like they wanted to give up, please watch this week’s episode. Tiger’s journey wasn’t easy but he is proof you CAN overcome your obstacles and find your purpose again. And it will be even better than you could have ever imagined.

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