Pallavi Sharda Before She Was Famous and Her Beauty Pageant Past with Akon | Exclusive Interview

In this clip from my exclusive interview with PALLAVI SHARDA, we chat about what Pallavi’s life was like before she become a Bollywood star. Not many fans know that BEFORE Pallavi hit it big in Bollywood, she was Miss India Australia and that’s how I originally met Pallavi. We both competed in the SAME beauty pageant and it was such a crazy time. Hear the exclusive stories and get to know what life was like for Pallavi before she was famous!

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PALLAVI SHARDA on Why BESHARAM Was Her Worst Experience | THE UNTOLD STORY | Interview

In this clip from my exclusive interview with Pallavi Sharda, she opens up and tells me the untold story on what REALLY happened with her big debut across from Ranbir Kapoor in BESHARAM. The film turned Pallavi into a household name and it was a dream come true to star in such a high production film with Ranbir and his parents Neetu and Rishi Kapoor. But the dream turned into a nightmare and Pallavi ended up having one of her worst experiences ever. From being blamed for the film’s poor performance to being bullied by the press and more, Pallavi has quietly stopped away from the film…until now. You have heard the rumors, now get to know the REAL story straight from Pallavi.

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Pallavi Sharda Interview | On Making It in Bollywood, Besharam, and Her Big Hollywood Plans Ep. 44

In episode 44 of “In Conversation”, I’m catching up with PALLAVI SHARDA!

I’ve known Pallavi from our pageant days a decade ago. At that time Pallavi and I were just starting off our careers and spent only a couple days together but I’ve been following her career since then. It’s always been really great for me to see girls I’ve met along my journey go on to do some really incredible things and Pallavi is definitely someone who has created a fantastic career for herself. In this episode, you get to hear us catch up (we literally haven’t had the opportunity to since the pageant!) and Pallavi opens up about the highs and lows of her career. From how she made it in Bollywood to her plans on dominating worldwide cinema. Also get to hear her get candid about some of the hardest moments in her career and how her big Bollywood moment with Besharam wasn’t all that it appeared to be. She’s an incredible woman with such an interesting story. Watch the interview now and get to know Pallavi even better!

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