How to Build a Million Dollar Brand 💰 | Lisa Sohanpal from Nom Noms | Amin Dhillon (Ep. 21)

In this week’s episode, I’m sitting down with Lisa Sohanpal who is the founder behind Nom Noms World Food. Lisa was already a successful corporate executive when she came up with the idea of having packaged meals that celebrated global cuisines and were healthy and tasty. Lisa left her corporate world and pursued the idea, creating Nom Noms. With over 6 years now behind her, Lisa is sharing her journey in becoming an entrepreneur and the highs and lows. From being candid about her biggest mistakes to sharing exclusive insight into the moments that motivated her to keep going, she’s sharing it all! If you have ever had an idea but didn’t know how to pursue it, you have to listen to Lisa’s story. There’s even a special connection to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!

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