Meet the Sikh CEO Behind The Million Dollar Vegan Brand MATT & NAT | MANNY KOHLI | AMIN DHILLON (Ep. 32)

In this episode of IN CONVERSATION, I’m chatting with the man behind the successful vegan brand MATT & NAT, CEO Manny Kohli! Manny shares his story from what it was like immigrating to Canada, how he met the original founder of the brand, why he decided to take over MATT & NAT and enter the fashion industry, and how he has made the vegan brand so successful and profitable. Manny also opens up about the role his Sikh faith has played in his success, why he isn’t afraid to talk about social issues, and even reveals which Bollywood stars have reached out to him!

Watch the interview and get some great insight into entrepreneurship and business.

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Designer Mani Jassal on Fashion, Her Documentary ‘With Love’ & Her Wedding Plans | Interview Ep. 25

In this episode of the Podcast (home edition), I’m chatting with fashion designer Mani Jassal. Mani opens up about how the pandemic has affected the fashion industry and how she is adjusting. We chat about what it’s like being a designer, how she sets herself apart from the competition, and how she deals with the designer counterfeit industry. Mani also shares her upcoming wedding plans and what it’s like designing for her own bridal outfits. Earlier this year, Mani released her documentary called With Love that followed her around while she prepared for Toronto Fashion Week. It’s a really interesting behind-the-scenes look at the chaos and hard work that goes into producing a fashion show. You love her designs. Now get to know Mani Jassal even better in today’s interview!

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