Amaal Mallik on Almost Quitting Music After Salman Khan’s “Jai Ho” to Work at Petro Station

In this clip from my exclusive interview with AMAAL MALLIK, he talks about how difficult his career has been. People may think that because of his last name and who his family members are, that doors in the music industry just opened up for him. The doors DIDN’T open up for him and he felt the industry and media had written him off as the most “untalented Malik”. He even prepared to leave India and work at a Petro station. Hear about the REAL story and how he was able to keep the faith that one day everything would work out.

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Amaal Mallik on His Love Life, Girlfriends, and What It’s Like Dating Him! | Exclusive Interview

During my interview with AMAAL MALLIK, he spoke about his new love song “Tu Mera Nahi”. In the song he sings about losing the woman he loves because he is too busy focused on his music and career. So I had to ask him about his REAL LIFE love life. What it’s like dating him? Was “Tu Mera Nahi” about a specific girl he lost? Find out the answers and more in this clip from my interview!

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Amaal Mallik Interview | On Armaan Malik, Tu Mera Nahi, and The Day He Almost Quit Bollywood Ep. 40

Look who is on episode 40 of the Podcast…I’ve got an exclusive with composer, lyricist, and singer AMAAL MALLIK!

Amaal is dishing it out on his brand new single “Tu Mera Nahi” which marks his debut single. You may know him as part of the talented Malik family–dad is Daboo Malik, mom is Jyothi Malik and of course his younger brother is Armaan Malik. He is also the grandson of Sardar Malik and his uncle is music composer and singer Anu Malik. So yes, he comes from a very talented family but Amaal opens up about his struggles trying to find his place in the Indian music industry. Despite coming from a connected family and making his composer debut in Salman Khan’s film ‘Jai Ho,’ Amaal opens up about his days struggling, being called the most untalented Malik, and how he almost quit the industry and was prepared to leave India to start afresh. Watch the episode now to get to know Amaal’s story better. Enjoy!

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