Diwali Special: My Family’s Kheer Recipe!

It’s one of the biggest holidays on the Indian calendar and that is DIWALI!! Also known as the festival of light, it’s the time to gather with loved ones and celebrate our blessings and hopes for the future.


Everyone has their own way of celebrating and for today’s video, I wanted to share one of my family’s traditions for Diwali. One dessert we always enjoy making is KHEER and this dish is really special for me as it was the very first Indian dish I ever learned how to make from my mom! It’s fairly quick to make, uses only 4 ingredients, and is a popular treat to serve anytime. Watch the video below and see how I make it!

(Make sure to watch the video in HD)

A classic!
A classic!

Ingredients used in the video:
1 litre of half and half cream
1 cup of basmati rice
Half cup of sugar

Optional: toppings can include raisins, cashews, fruit


Serves about 3-4

Have a wonderful Diwali to all of you celebrating! xo

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