Chloe Flower Interview | On Cardi B, THAT Grammys Performance, & Making Classical Music Cool (Ep.34)

In episode 34 of “In Conversation”, I’m chatting with composer, producer, and classical pianist CHLOE FLOWER! Chloe has had an INCREDIBLE career. From being discovered by THE producer, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, to working with legends like Celine Dion, Nas, Timbaland, and even CARDI B!

In fact, you may recognize Chloe from her show stopping performance at the Grammys where she performed “Money” with Cardi B and set the Internet on fire!
In today’s interview, Chloe is opening up about her journey. We’re talking about how she fell in love with classical music, how she’s made it “cool” to feature classical music in the mainstream, and even how she’s using her platform and music to prevent human trafficking. Chloe even shares the story of a near death experience that changed her life forever. I absolutely LOVED chatting with Chloe so watch the interview and get to know Chloe even better!

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Meet the Sikh CEO Behind The Million Dollar Vegan Brand MATT & NAT | MANNY KOHLI | AMIN DHILLON (Ep. 32)

In this episode of IN CONVERSATION, I’m chatting with the man behind the successful vegan brand MATT & NAT, CEO Manny Kohli! Manny shares his story from what it was like immigrating to Canada, how he met the original founder of the brand, why he decided to take over MATT & NAT and enter the fashion industry, and how he has made the vegan brand so successful and profitable. Manny also opens up about the role his Sikh faith has played in his success, why he isn’t afraid to talk about social issues, and even reveals which Bollywood stars have reached out to him!

Watch the interview and get some great insight into entrepreneurship and business.

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BAMBI BAINS on PBN, Punjabi Music, Oh Na Na, and Her Love Life! | Exclusive Interview | Ep. 31

This week I’m chatting with BAMBI BAINS!

I’ve been following Bambi’s career ever since she first got launched by PBN. Bambi (yes that’s her REAL name) opens up about her early beginnings and getting discovered by PBN. For a few years Bambi performed alongside PBN in the Punjabi music industry but decided to take a leap and strike out on her own. After trying to make it as part of a UK girl band Mis Treats, Bambi is now fully a solo artist and talks about what she’s learned about the music business after so many years. Bambi also opens up about her future plans and her love life, fiance, and even shares the story on how they met. Get to know Bambi even better in today’s interview!

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CEO Dee Murthy on Building Celebrity Brands, Influencer Marketing, and Surviving Recessions (Ep. 30)

In this episode of “In Conversation”, I’m chatting with CEO of Five Four Group Dee Murthy. Under this group is a portfolio of several brands including Menlo Club, Young & Reckless, New Republic, Oshenta. He is also a seasoned investor and partner at Queensbridge Venture Partners and partner in the Las Vegas shoe store, 12 AM RUN. Dee also has his weekly lifestyle podcast called Group Chat. With Covid-19 making the economy uncertain and many businesses in trouble, I wanted to chat with Dee to get his insight. As an entrepreneur right out of University, Dee has already overcome the 2008 economic recession and managed to take the important lessons from that period to swift the way he does business. With almost 20 years of entrepreneurship experience, Dee is dishing a ton of advice in today’s episode. Learn from his experiences and find out why he thinks recessions are a great time to launch a business (if you do it the right way). Watch the interview now and let me know below what you think of his advice.

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Monica Gill on Making It in Punjabi Cinema, Finding Love, & Her Wedding! | Interview (Ep. 29)

In today’s episode, I’m sitting down with former Miss India Worldwide beauty pageant winner and Punjabi actress Monica Gill! This interview has an interview backstory. We did our interview on the day she would have had her wedding reception. Like so many other couples, Monica’s wedding plans had to be postponed due to Covid-19. Instead of being down, Monica decided to keep busy and chat with me. We chatted about everything. From her beauty pageant past (fun fact: we were both in the Miss India Worldwide pageant!) to how she used her title to get her foot into Punjabi cinema. Some of her hits include Sardaarji 2 and Ambarsariya with Diljit Dosanjh, Kaptaan with Gippy Grewal, and Sat Shri Akaal England with Ammy Virk. Monica talks about her experience moving to Mumbai and working in the film industry and offers her advice to other aspiring actors hoping to break into the film world. She also shares her personal love story. From how she met her fiance to her wedding plans and what her future plans are, get to know Monica even better in today’s exclusive interview!

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Dil Mil Founder KJ Dhaliwal on Helping Desis Find Love | In Conversation with Amin Dhillon (Ep. 28)

In this episode of “In Conversation”, I’m chatting with the man behind the successful South Asian dating app, Dil Mil! KJ Dhaliwal is the Founder and CEO of Dil Mil and he is sharing his journey in helping desis around the world find love. The app started off with a few hundred users in its first year to having 2 MILLION users worldwide five years later. Dil Mil also generates about 20 MILLION matches and averages about 1 marriage a day. Amazing right?! Find out the real story behind Dil Mil, why the online dating industry is HUGE, and KJ even offers his advice on how to successfully find love online.

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JAY SEAN Exclusive Interview | In Conversation with Amin Dhillon (Ep. 27)

Singer and songwriter JAY SEAN is on the podcast today for an EXCLUSIVE interview. I’m chatting with Jay from his home where he has been during the lock down. We talk about the major moments of his career, including what life was like being the number 1 artist in the world with the song ‘Down’. We chat about his new music including how he and Guru Randhawa first met and how they decided to collaborate on ‘Surma Surma’. Jay also opens up about what it’s like having his wife Thara manage his career and his hopes for his children. Check out the full interview now!

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Mili Soch on Gully Boy, Desi Hip Hop, and Overcoming His Demons | 2020 Interview | Ep. 26

Mili Soch is back on the show to reveal his brand new music! We are chatting about how much he has grown since last year’s interview and the personal journey he has been on to confront and overcome his personal demons. Mili is also chatting about the state of Desi hip hop and how Gully Boy has opened the door for hip hop artists to break out. Check it out now!

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