In this clip from my exclusive interview with GST/HST New Housing Rebate Specialist RAMI MIRANSKY, he breaks down how people can qualify for the GST/HST New Housing Rebate program on rental properties and assignment sales.

It’s a common misconception that only principal properties qualify for the rebate. As long as you are purchasing a NEW built, you DO NOT have to live in the property to get the GST/HST NEW HOUSING REBATE! Watch this clip and hear how to do apply for the rebate and who qualifies. Also, if you buy or sell a property as an ASSIGNMENT, Please watch this clip as over 50% of people don’t properly apply for the rebate program and lose out on thousands of dollars. Don’t let this happen to you!

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Are you looking to invest in real estate for the first time? Maybe you are buying your first ever property? Well BEFORE YOU BUY, WATCH THIS VIDEO! As a young professional, I have bought my first home and I have bought real estate as an investor. Today I’m sharing my personal experience in buying real estate and sharing the biggest mistakes I made that cost me extra time, stress, and MONEY!!! It sucks to make mistakes but it’s always a learning opportunity. Best of all, all of these mistakes are easily AVOIDABLE!!!

In this video I talk about:

1. What are common investment mistakes?

2. Assignment clauses

3. Occupancy clauses

4. Real Estate agents

5. Timing the real estate market

6. Things that will increase the value of your investment AND LOTS MORE!

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In this episode, I’m chatting with GST/HST REBATE specialist RAMI MIRANSKY. His job is to help his clients qualify for the new housing rebates and make sure they get back the maximum amount of money they qualify for.

In this conversation we discuss the following:

1. What is HST and when does it get charged when it comes to purchasing or selling real estate

2. Breaking down the THREE types of New Housing Rebates offered in Ontario and what is the differences between them

3. HST New Housing Rebate for homes purchased from a builder (pre construction)

4. HST New Housing Rebate when it is for your principal residence vs when it is a rental property

5. HST New Housing Rebate for Owner Built Homes

6. What Happens When You Buy an Assignment? Who gets the HST Rebate?

7. What documents you need for the HST New Housing Rebate and what is the deadline to apply by

8. What are the maximum and minimum amount of the rebate that you can get back

9. Common mistakes people make when it comes to the HST New Housing Rebate (AVOID MAKING THESE!!!)

10. What is a “Frustrating” Event when it comes to real estate and how it affects if you qualify for the HST Rebate

We seriously talk about EVERYTHING. I know it may be a lot of information in this episode but if you are buying a new house, make sure to watch this episode all the way to the end. It could help you avoid losing out on THOUSANDS of dollars.

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How to Book & Interview Celebrities For Your Show | Step by Step Process | GROW Your YouTube FAST

Are you looking to book celebrities, influencers, and high profile guests for your show?

If you are looking to start your own YouTube show, podcast, or any other series, you may be looking to score some amazing guests like CELEBRITIES! Even if you already have an established show, it’s always great to have high profile guests on the roster to grow your YouTube and podcast show. If you are looking to book a celebrity or influencer, today I’m going to explain EXACTLY how to do it. As a media professional for over a decade, I have spent years chasing after celebrity and high profile guests for interviews. I will break down the process step by step so you too can book your dream celebrity guest!

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Do Not Buy Toronto Real Estate in 2021 Until You Watch This! | How to Make Money from a Pro Ep 45

In today’s podcast, we are talking about EVERYTHING you need to know and understand before buying real estate in Ontario in 2021. When can we expect the market to crash, which areas to avoid buying in, and common real estate mistakes you NEED to avoid. On the show I have real estate expert Amit Saini of Clutch Realty to offer his valuable insight. Watch this before you buy anything!

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Is it Worth Buying Pre Construction? Before You Buy, Watch This | Real Estate Market Watch

In this clip from my interview with real estate expert Amit Saini, we talked about the pre construction market in Canada. For folks trying to get into a market and the way prices are increasing, is the best way to get into home ownership through pre construction? What about for investors? We break down what’s happening with the pre construction real estate market and when it’s worth buying and when it’s not. Before you buy pre construction, watch this clip!

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When is the Toronto Real Estate Market Going to Crash | Real Estate Predictions 2021

In this clip from my interview with real estate expert Amit Saini, we talked about the real estate market in Canada. Prices have increased sometimes triple the amount in just a year and more people are finding themselves outpriced in major markets. With the average home prices in the GTA now over a million dollars, can the market sustain these high prices? When can we expect a real estate market crash and how bad will it be?

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What’s Really Happening with the Toronto Downtown Condo Market | Watch This Before Buying or Selling

In this clip from my interview with real estate expert Amit Saini, we talked about downtown condos. During the pandemic, we noticed many downtown residents fleeing to the suburbs. With more people working from home and no where to go out in downtown, people suddenly desired the opportunity to live in bigger places. As downtown prices fell, prices in the suburbs or small towns hit record highs. Amit and I discuss what happened with downtown condo prices and what we can expect going forward.

Is it still a buyer’s market? Will the Toronto condo market recover? What should investors do with their condos? Let’s discuss in this clip.

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