Meet the Sikh CEO Behind The Million Dollar Vegan Brand MATT & NAT | MANNY KOHLI | AMIN DHILLON (Ep. 32)

In this episode of IN CONVERSATION, I’m chatting with the man behind the successful vegan brand MATT & NAT, CEO Manny Kohli! Manny shares his story from what it was like immigrating to Canada, how he met the original founder of the brand, why he decided to take over MATT & NAT and enter the fashion industry, and how he has made the vegan brand so successful and profitable. Manny also opens up about the role his Sikh faith has played in his success, why he isn’t afraid to talk about social issues, and even reveals which Bollywood stars have reached out to him!

Watch the interview and get some great insight into entrepreneurship and business.

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The SUNNY LEONE Interview 🔥| On Fame, Family, Trolls, and The Bollywood Actor Who Changed Her Life!

I hosted this year’s Bollywood Monster Mashup and as part of the show, I interviewed our headliner SUNNY LEONE in a fun LIVE chat with her fans! Yes, fans got to ask Sunny questions and boy did they come up with some great questions! We asked her everything from what her life has been like with her children to how she deals with trolls to her advice for aspiring Bollywood actresses. She even reveals which Bollywood movie and actor changed her life! This is the Sunny Leone interview that you have all been WAITING for!

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BAMBI BAINS on PBN, Punjabi Music, Oh Na Na, and Her Love Life! | Exclusive Interview | Ep. 31

This week I’m chatting with BAMBI BAINS!

I’ve been following Bambi’s career ever since she first got launched by PBN. Bambi (yes that’s her REAL name) opens up about her early beginnings and getting discovered by PBN. For a few years Bambi performed alongside PBN in the Punjabi music industry but decided to take a leap and strike out on her own. After trying to make it as part of a UK girl band Mis Treats, Bambi is now fully a solo artist and talks about what she’s learned about the music business after so many years. Bambi also opens up about her future plans and her love life, fiance, and even shares the story on how they met. Get to know Bambi even better in today’s interview!

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How This Business Is Supporting Black Entrepreneurs and Promoting Diversity | DEE MURTHY | Interview

In this clip from my exclusive interview with CEO of Five Four Group DEE MURTHY, we spoke about how Dee and his businesses are support the Black Lives Matter movement and helping Black entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Dee has introduced a new initiative to support the cause and shares his thoughts on what other businesses can do to support the Black community.

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