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  • Angel HeartID 39 Angel Heart 4_1

    Another Best Seller! This beautiful set features precious crystals with a gorgeous handmade heart pendant!

  • Angel KissID 41 Angel Kiss 4_1

    This beautiful set features precious crystals with a gorgeous handmade heart pendant!

  • Angel LoveID 40 Angel Love 7
  • AvaID 12 AVA 2
  • Ava GreenID 11 AVA GREEN 2

    This 2 piece jewellery set is simple and classic to go with any outfit.

  • Ava RedID 14 AVA RED_1
  • Ava WhiteID 15 AVA WHITE 4_1
  • Black BeautyID 47 Black Beauty 2_1

    A staple for any closet! This beautifully handmade jewelry set is comprised of gorgeous black crystals with black beads.

  • Champaigne Jewellery SetID 38 CHAMPAIGNE 4

    This jewellery set has cream-colored beads featured along with beautiful silver Indian-styled stones. A Classic!

  • Cindy Jewellery SetID 16 CINDY 4_1

      One of my favorites! This 2 piece jewelry set is great for different lengths! Either just wear it as is or double it up to make a shorter necklace. Wear the set together or separately!

  • CoralID 10 CORAL 2_1

    This 2 piece jewellery set is comprised of beautiful brown crystals. The perfect gift for any woman!

  • Lucy BID 19 LUCY B 2

    A best seller! This beautiful handmade jewellery set is great to wear as a set or individually.

  • Lucy GID 20 LUCY G 4_1
  • Lucy LucyID 22 LUCY LUCY 2
  • Lucy PID 21 LUCY P 5
  • MadeleineID 31 Madeleine 10_1

    This best selling jewelry set comes with a necklace, pair of earrings and matching bracelet! The simple design allows it to be worn with any outfit either as a set or individually. A must have for any wardrobe!

  • SophiaID 28 Sophia 2_1

    This brown colored necklace and earrings set is perfect for the office day! Wear it with your business suit…the neutral tone enables this set to be worn with almost any color of outfit!

  • Warrior PrincessID 26 Warrior Princess 5_1

    Another Best Seller! This necklace is silver plated with beautiful colorful stones. All you need is this necklace to jazz up any outfit!

  • Warrior QueenID 27 Warrior Queen 3_1